The experience of using Chocolate Slim

This history has called Laura from the city of Basel (Switzerland). The girl has shared a difficult period of his life, and he said, such as chocolate drink Chocolate Slim has helped her lose weight and regain a slender figure.

I and my childhood was slightly lush girl. But my curved cheeks just delighted all around and pushing to give me even a piece of candy. I have my fat does not interfere. At school I was active, fun, groovy girl, then all the guys I liked, never evil, all with me friends. When he reached adolescence, I am one of the first formed and very quickly transformed from girl to girl, well-applied and the excess weight almost was not. It was a little lush, but not fat. Fan I had more than enough, at this moment we started dating with the future husband.

As I gradually started to gain weight

With the passing of years I began to take weight, not too fast, but for 6-8 kg in one year were recruited. In my life this has not affected the husband brought the hands, and has continued to do so. The colleagues loved me, for my temperament cheerful, and I just don't think it was necessary to pay attention to such nonsense, such as the folds in the waist and hips. So as we got married my husband and I are very early, the children of a hurry, but after a couple of years it's come to what you might think on this topic.

Pregnant, I immediately, the pregnancy was easy, was toxaemia in the first quarter, and in recent times he has had to lie on the support, but on the whole everything went well. For 9 months I have taken up to 18 kg, the doctors scolded me, they said that it is very, but I thought nothing serious, the face and quite unnecessary, will be held. However, my opinion is was a mistake. In and of itself, is not only the past, but even in the first year of a child's life, I continued to gain weight.

Time passed and, in general, completely unnoticed for me, I already weighed over 100 kg. And I would probably still not confused, if it has not had health problems: high blood pressure, shortness of breath, heart problems and joints. But the worst is that when my child went to first class and on the health the day I, as a member of the committee, the parents went with the class at the campsite. For the first time I have felt shame for their appearance, all the mothers are shapely, beautiful, young, and I because of the large numbers on the scale seemed to be 15 years older than them. And also mom, which he brought to school their small children, seemed the better of me. When the time has come to competitions, I was already ready to fall to the ground from the shame. I have not been able to do: trying to run it's over, that I had a strong shortness of breath, pain in the knee and the heart. In general, returning home, I decided that it is necessary to take care of yourself and urgent to lose weight.

The decision to change their lives for the better

I cried all night, and in the morning, as believed to the girl, who has decided to lose weight, and produced the oatmeal in the water and started to make breakfast. The enthusiasm is finished already dinner time. And at work I have to habit ate in the dining room, family chicken legs with potatoes and soup. From that moment my attempts to lose the pounds too were regular. But more than 3-4 days of the diet, or at least of a correct diet I could not resist. I just wildly wanted to eat, and I am frustrated. Then I entered into a sort of terrible depression, only that I was not expecting that losing weight is not easy, I wasn't so dependent on the food, and the support of husband quotes not motivated, quite the opposite. He was convinced that I would not need to lose weight, and why torture me some limitations, like, him and the daughter I love so, and all of these diets do not serve me.

But I'm not going to give up, I started to look for easy ways, as they say. The first thing I decided to encoding by an excess of food, but to me, it has changed nothing – I got up in the night to the refrigerator, and has continued to do so. Then I bought a system from 25 ° - frame, but this was nothing more than a hoax. It has become a range of tablets – the formations were completely chemical and a list of contraindications very impressive. I was afraid, but I have almost decided, and then randomly came across an opinion pro Chocolate Slim. And decided to postpone the purchase of the magic pills, and try first safe and according to the description of a tasty drink.

And now I'm ready to sing for him to hear. This is really the most effective method, easy and convenient way to lose weight. Literally once I heard that my appetite has started to decline. Also, there was very convenient to carry to work lunch break. Colleagues are mystified as to how work without dinner, and in general, I do not, and I waive tasty. But in reality, the push to the cakes, pies and candy, I simply disappeared. One day, a colleague has celebrated the birthday and brought me a cake as a snack, for decency, I ate a small piece, and he didn't like me very oily and sweet. Despite the fact that I didn't have lunch, according to colleagues, unlike them, that after lunch I just wanted to sleep, I don't have energy was more than enough, and I began to walk to to walk to work.

Of course, in this way, the extra pounds literally melting under our eyes. I felt lighter and more easy, I wanted to literally float in the air. Such vitality I have not felt for a long time. And then it turns out that you can eat small portions of favorite food, for me it was really a discovery. Then Chocolate Slim has saved my figure, my health, and literally gave me a new life.

The experience of using the Chocolate Slim

Now I am fully satisfied with its weight, but I want to give an important figure, so I'm going to attend a gym. If not will energy, will continue to drink a delicious beverage. In general, I advise everyone to try Chocolate Slim! To stop pace yourself diets, living in depression, and simply enjoy life together with Chocolate Slim and bend the excess weight!